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Cottages in La Rioja

La Rioja is a small and varied province in the north of Spain. In the north of the province there are several cities, and here there are several highways. Further south, the landscape soon becomes rougher and more deserted, and there are beautiful nature reserves to be found. From your holiday home you can make beautiful walks in the Sierra de Cebollera. The capital of La Rioja is Logroño. Logroño is a typical Spanish city. You will find many buildings worth seeing here and various festivals are organised every year. So it is definitely worthwhile to visit this city while staying in a holiday home.

Nature in La Rioja

The entire southern half of La Rioja consists of the Sierra de Cebollera mountain region. This vast natural park is characterized by a great diversity of natural elements. For example, there are bare and rocky areas, but when you visit this area from your cottage, you will also walk through the woods. There are several lakes and wild rivers and streams flowing through the area. Here and there you can see picturesque waterfalls. Steep cliffs are not rare, but also flowery grasslands and heath-lands are among the biotopes that can be found in Sierra de Cebollera.

It goes without saying that Sierra de Cebollera in La Rioja is home to many species of plants and animals. During a stay in a holiday home you may encounter all kinds of birds and insects. In the mountain areas there are griffon vultures, Alpine crows and rock swallows. The flora is also impressive, with plants such as blue lettuce, rock hard and many different sedum species. The flowers are visited by butterflies, such as the imperial cloak and many different blues. Along the streams are dragonflies and, with some search efforts, salamanders to be found.

Holiday homes in La Rioja

The holiday homes on nature house are all situated in the most beautiful places in nature. From your holiday home you can go straight to the beautiful nature reserves in La Rioja to visit. Especially the mountain area Sierra de Cebollera should not be missed. From your holiday house in La Rioja you can also visit various cities in the north of the province, including Logroño, the capital of the region.

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