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Cottages in Cordoba

The province of Cordoba is located in the northernmost part of the Andalusia region. The province has some interesting nature reserves, which you can visit from your holiday home. For example, you will find the Sierra de Hornachuelos mountains in this province. The capital of the province is the town of Cordoba with the same name. This city used to be one of the largest cities in the world. Thanks to this rich history, there are still many interesting sights and buildings to visit. For example, you will find castles and various remains from the Roman period.

Nature in Córdoba

An elongated mountain area lies from west to east in the region of Andalusia. The part within the province of Cordoba is called Sierra de Hornachuelos. From your holiday home you can make beautiful walks in this nature reserve. The hilly landscape is covered with Mediterranean forests. However, there are also some rivers flowing through the area and there are some reservoirs. In short, a beautiful landscape for a nice walk. In the far south of the province of Cordoba, you can visit the Sierras Subbéticas nature park from your cottage. This is also a very beautiful hilly area, with impressive steep limestone cliffs, among other things.

The hilly nature reserves are a habitat for many species of birds of prey. During a stay in a holiday home you will undoubtedly encounter some of these birds of prey, including eagle eagle, black kite and griffon vulture. Some lakes are home to special duck species: white-headed duck and marbled duck. Black wheatear and theklaleeuwerik are some of the special songbirds that occur in Córdoba. In addition, many nature reserves in Córdoba are home to beautiful flowers. During a walk from your holiday home you can just one of the species of orchids encountered, such as the yellow orchis. Also reptiles, such as the wall gecko and ring snake live in this Spanish province.

Holiday homes in Córdoba

From a holiday home in Córdoba you can easily visit the nature reserves in this province. On the other hand, the holiday homes are usually not far from the centre of a village, so that you can easily do your daily shopping. During your stay in the holiday home you can undertake all kinds of activities: a walk in nature or a visit to a nice village. It is even possible to visit the capital of Spain, Madrid, from your holiday home.

More information about holiday homes in Córdoba?

Do you have a question about a certain nature reserve, or do you want to know more about the holiday homes that can be found in the province of Córdoba? Feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions quickly and help you find a nice holiday home in the Spanish province of Cordoba!