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Seaside getaway

Whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter, going on a vacation near the seaside is a wonderful decision, if you’re looking for a break from everyday life and you want to surround yourself with beautiful nature. Moreover, it's a global tradition to travel to the seaside in the summer, when the temperatures are up and life blooms near the beaches. Either way, you will find that coastal housing arranged by will not only suit your needs but also surpass your expectations. You are welcome to pick a location from the variety of our destinations, like France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Portugal Greece, and Spain. It all is up to your preference and taste.

Seaside’s rich environment

A vacation is a fantastic idea for a trip. If you book coastal housing with us, during your vacation, you will find the surrounding nature to be enchanting and you will lose yourself within the coastal environment. There are different location types for our coastal housing. You may choose from seashore accommodation, meters away from the sea, or a hut in the woods behind the beach, detached from the nearest town. Either way, nature will keep you company during the sunny mornings while you sit on the porch of your beach house, the long coastline walks, or during the late-night chat with your friends and family, next to the blazing campfire.

The flora and fauna surrounding your coastal housing are going to add up to the atmosphere finely. Along the incredible golden beaches, you may find vines and grass. That plus the splashing waves of the sea make up for an almost unreal landscape. Additionally, if you happen to book coastal housing further away from the beach, trees and vines will provide a much-needed shade from the piercing sun. Moreover, the well-known seagull’s tweets will absolutely complete your dreamy beach scene. Other animals you may encounter are pelicans, turtles, crabs, and jellyfish. To conclude, the animal kingdom is as rich on the shoreline as it is in the forests.

Beach activities

During your coastal getaway, one thing is for certain: boredom will be left out of the schedule together with the heavy stress and responsibilities. At the seaside, one moment you could be relaxing on your hammock, other you may devote yourself to entertaining and engaging beach activities. If you happen to be staying with your family, for example, kids love crab hunting or building sandcastles. You can also take them to a more gulf-like side of the beach and collect scallop shells. Furthermore, the shoreline will be long enough for you to have long beach hikes through the day and romantic walks under the moon during the night. Of course, fishing remains one of the best activities. Take out your friends or kids and enjoy a day of relaxation and fishing. In addition to all of these, you could also take up some classic activities like diving, boat riding, and parasailing.