Christmas in the woods

Christmas in the woods

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Christmas in the woods

Imagine a reindeer passing by and your cottage in the woods surrounded with snow that kisses the trees and the field so gently. If you’re a person who loves the winters and want to celebrate a cozy Christmas with your family then you might want to celebrate it in the woods. From outdoor adventures to bonfires there’s plenty you could do if you book a holiday house in the woods with us. As everyone says, winter is not a season, it’s a celebration!


While some may find winter in Europe dull and cold, winter is a popular time to travel to Europe. Visiting Christmas markets or staying in the woods covered with white snow are some of the ways in which you could enjoy your winter holidays. However, have you thought about plant life and flowers that bloom during the winter months that may make your holidays more charming? You may see winter flowers blooming as you take a hike. Flowers like lavender, winter rose, gerbera, carnations, or even chrysanthemums. During the winters, it is hard for people to identify deciduous trees because of no leaves. However, as an activity, there are some trees that you may identify if you have an interest in bushcraft or survival skills! For instance, Sycamore is commonly found in the woods and forests of western Europe. It is considered as an insidious weed in Northwestern Europe. How will you identify this? Well, the bark is usually smooth, silvery-grey but could be brown too. Their buds are egg-shaped with a pointed end and the tips of the buds are brown. Betula pendula, commonly known as silver birch is found all over Europe’s forests or on open hillsides and down in mountain valleys. The older trees will have silvery-white bark remains on the upper section of the tree. You may also find wild cherry. This grows throughout Europe in mixed woods, especially oak woods. The bark ranges from greyish-pink to purplish-red and is shiny. If you really look for it, you will easily find them. The bark can peel horizontal strips. Good luck with your trees and flower search at Christmas time during your stay in the woods!


The best time to explore the wild and the most unique creatures of planet Earth is during the winters. If you decide to book a holiday house in the woods during Christmas, then Europe is the best place to do so! They have a lot to offer in terms of fauna and extraordinary wildlife. From wild boars to reindeers, you will enjoy spotting them right outside your holiday house in the woods. You may even spot owls, rabbits, foxes, or a white-tailed deer! If you are a photographer, then the winter season is the right time to take your cameras out and take amazing photos of this extraordinary wildlife in the woods.


When you think of winter, you most likely think of hibernating as you want to stay cosied up indoors. Snuggling up on sofas, with the bonfire on and ready a good book! However, nature provides us with a magical backdrop to put an end to cabin fever and enjoy the lovely season. Here are some lists of activities that you could do in nature if you're in the woods during the Christmas season (with or without snow). Firstly, you can take your kids on an egg box walk. Grab an egg box and put in as many interesting things you can fit into it. For instance, if you find a unique flower or different types of plants you can put them in! Have you heard of geocaching before? No matter how old you are, you can go geocaching. It is a great way to explore the woods. Fun, easy, and free! Set up hidden treasures or “caches” and upload the coordinates so that other people around the world can find them. This is done through an app so it’s a great way to lure tech-savvy kids outside. It may take a while but you will be keen to try more and explore!

Wintertime in the woods can be relaxing but also a very fun experience for you and the people you go with! Activities like skiing, sledding, going on a haunt with your kids in the woods or even hiking can make your stay special. Christmas in the woods can be even more special if you go visit a nature reserve nearby or take a stroll around the forest. If you are an indoor person then you can plan some fun Christmas eve activities with your friends/family in the cottage you book. Cozy villas and charming holiday apartments await you in the most beautiful regions in Europe. Want to challenge the world-class speed skaters? If you are in The Netherlands then take advantage of winter to sharpen your ice-blades and your ice-skating skills. They have plenty of skating rinks for holidaymakers to visit. Book a holiday house in the woods near the city of Amsterdam and you can visit the Amsterdam Light Festival as well! Winters can be dark and depressing but here the Dutch make sure that the people feel amazed by all the brightly colored installations.


Christmas time is usually cold and you may want to carry your warm coat, gloves, scarf, and boots depending on which region you go to! If you decide to go to the north of Europe, then make sure you do carry all of these but if you go to the southern region you would not need all of them. As you will be in the woods, the temperature will tend to get colder at night, but some of our huts also provide bonfires which will help keep yourself cosied up and warm! If you see sunshine in northern Europe during Christmas, then take a picture! It may snow so keep your cameras ready for then as well and enjoy some marshmallows and a glass of wine with whoever you are in our holiday house in the woods. Still interested? Scroll up and book now!