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Christmas bungalow

Here we are waiting for the most wonderful time of the year to come! Where are you going to welcome the joy of Christmas? A bungalow in nature can be just what you need to make your Christmas holiday unforgettable. Spend Christmas with your family and friends away from the craziness of the city, and enjoy your company to the fullest. You can book a home in the mountains, by the river, or in the middle of a dense forest… Simple or luxury, tiny or spacious, on this page you will find a variety of bungalows to suit your needs!

Dedicate your Christmas holiday to your loved ones. Renting with Nature.House means that you will have your own home at your disposal, and can even bring your pets with you! A bungalow where you can sleep in a comfy bed and relax in a heart-warming place. Pick a home with a fully-fitted kitchen to prepare the Christmas meals together with the whole family, or a nice b&b bungalow where breakfast is served every morning. Are you picturing the perfect snow-white Christmas evening by the fireplace? We have amazing proposals for a luxury home with a fireplace, sauna, Jacuzzi, and/or swimming pool. But for this special time of the year the only thing you need is the company of your favourite people. One of our cosy tiny house bungalows will create that intimacy that you’re longing for.

Nature places with the perfect Christmas view!

High in the mountains, hidden in the forest, or staying in the middle of nowhere, or a combination of all? Perhaps this year’s plan is to spend the winter by the sea or lake, and why not? If you’re still doubting where to go, here are some suggestions for destinations with exceptional nature.

Surrounded by mountains

To experience the authentic Christmas spirit, you should look for a bungalow in a mountain region. Stay on a hilltop to admire the majestic views from your window. Stay in a homey bungalow secluded by expansive massifs and sky-high peaks. The mountain foothills gently dazzle you with their sparkles, tempting you to go outside and play. One of the mountains that guarantees such an experience is the Alps. The largest and highest mountain range in Europe, it spreads in eight countries, including France, Austria, Germany, Slovenia. It also attracts a great number of tourists thanks to the world-class skiing opportunities and breath-taking views. Crystal clear lakes and forest-blanketed foothills, quaint villages and vast pastures. In the Alps you can also discover impressive glaciers, including the large Aletsch Glacier located in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. The Alpine mountain range is characterized by sharp edges and peaks soaring in the skies.

While the Alps are the backbone of Europe, their cousin to the west is equally appreciated by nature lovers. I am talking about the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees lack the dramatic look of the Alpine peaks, but they welcome visitors with warmer temperatures and a more calming outlook. The gently rolling Pyrenees mountains are also more densely covered in forests. Aside from these two obvious choice for a winter holiday, there are also plenty of other spectacular mountains in Europe that are worth your visit. One example is the Rila Mountain in Bulgaria, and its famous Seven Rila Lakes like “The tear” and “The Eye”. Romania is another great destination for an experience in the mountains. You can visit the Făgăraş Mountains in Southern Carpathians and be amazed from the best views of Transylvania.

Christmas bungalows on the beach

How about you make this holiday a truly special experience. Instead of choosing the traditional Christmas set-up, let’s be creative and rent a home by the sea! We can offer a large selection of bungalows in Zeeland, so that you won’t have to travel far. Explore the dikes, polders, and dunes and don’t forget to take your dog! What about the Mediterranean regions? The small Italian Le Marche has a remarkable coastline. Visit the remarkable beaches of The Conero Riviera or the province of Ancona, and find heaven on Earth.

Another suggestion for your Christmas bungalow by the sea is to visit Portugal. The region of Alentejo is a great winter destination. The weather will treat you kindly so that you are still able to enjoy the outdoors. From tranquil sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, Alentejo has a variety of coastal landscapes to impress with. You can also climb the adventurous mountain regions or take a peaceful walk around the farmlands and pastures. In the evening you will start feeling tired from the long active day in nature, but we have a great remedy for this! Stay in your bungalow, covered by a soft blanket, and enjoy a taste evening of the award-winning wines of Alentejo. In the end there are many places in Europe where you can enjoy a holiday in the mountains and be at a close proximity to the sea or lakes. The opposite is also true.

Christmas holiday activities and adventures in nature

Spend your time outside to refresh yourself in the cold. Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, those are some of the most popular choices for activities in the winter. And if that’s not your sport, there’s much more to do in the snow. Take your whole family and go snow tubing or sliding down the near hills. How about a snowball fight with teams? You can make a competition with rewards – candy for the kids and a nice wine bottle for parents. Then you can build a snowman together to bring everyone in the same team again.

Another popular activity outside skiing is snowshoeing. A great way to trek through fascinating paths with sparkling white views. What might be even more fun is dog sledding, and your kids will definitely love that experience. It is quite easy to organize this activity in the Scandinavian countries. If you’ve booked a Christmas bungalow near water in one of the Northern countries, there’s a great chance that the water is frozen – you can have your own platform for ice skating! For the less active travellers we can suggest a spa vacation in a luxury home. Devote a day to treat yourself with some sauna sessions. In between those you can follow the Scandinavian tradition and cool off in the snow or nearby lake. It’s quite a refreshment.

Europe in the winter

There’s a great diversity in the winter climate of Europe depending where you are. The mountain regions are generally colder, and the higher you climb the colder it gets. The Scandinavian region is particularly cold with severe winters. It’s quite normal to have winter temperatures of -10°C or even -20°C! This is also what makes Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark unique winter destinations. The snow is always perfect, the Arctic scenery is one of a kind, and there are plenty of outdoor adventures that you can plan alone or with others.

For a milder winter you can stay in the Mediterranean region, southern Europe. This includes the coastal areas of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, plus Greece, Malta and Cyprus. The climate is humid, but more gentle with temperatures above 0°C. In general, the winters in Western Europe are less harsh than those in the East, but winds and chilly weather is always present. Just pack your warmest clothes and winter equipment for the best nature experience.