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A relaxing weekend in a cabin

One of the advantages of having a weekend break is that it could happen spontaneously. Without much planning and organization, you can take a break from the demanding urban reality much needed in today’s world. offers stays in cabins spread across the natural locations of Europe. From mountain areas to flatter territories retreating in a cabin surrounded by nature is a fantastic way to spend some time off. Breathing fresh air as you enjoy the view from your cabin in the woods contributes to better mental health regardless of the length of your stay. Have a recharging weekend and reserve a cabin for your next weekend trip with

Europe’s incredible nature sights

Being surrounded by nature has been proven to have a positive impact on one’s mental health. It lowers stress levels and decreases anxiety. Having a weekend break in a natural location is even more important as you recharge from the busy reality of city life. Europe is perfect for such short retreats since the distances are not big at all and it’s easier to have a weekend break when you don’t have to travel for many hours to arrive at your destination.

For instance, the countries of Belgium and the Netherlands are so small that you can travel from one point to the other quite easily and effortlessly. These areas are full of quiet spots and beautiful areas perfect for a weekend vacation in a cabin. The weather conditions in the winter are not as welcoming as in the summer, however, they’re also great for a cozy rainy getaway where you can enjoy a cup of herbal tea on the porch of your cabin while you recharge. The flora and fauna there are also quite diverse and you might encounter special like badgers, foxes, martens, and a wide variety of birds around your cabin.

If you decide to go to central Europe for your weekend trip then the territories of Germany and Austria also have some of the best natural views. Kilometers upon kilometers of flower fields and mountain sights nature there never disappoint their visitors.

What can you do during your vacation?

If you prefer to have a more relaxing rather than active weekend trip then retreating in a cabin in France or Italy is also a great way to spend some time off. The territories there are fantastic for chill weekends. In France, you can enjoy the exquisite local cuisine while you inhale the aroma of the incredible pine forests. In Italy, you can experience the grape harvest season happening in August while you sip on a glass of Chardonnay. Still, if you want to stay active during your vacation you can do a short hike around the mountains or even do some sports like mountain biking, canoeing, and even skydiving. It all depends on how you want to spend your time off. The possibilities are countless.