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Beach tent

Have you ever lived in a beach tent or a safari tent? Well now is the chance to experience your stay in one of the coziest and self-sufficient beach tents around Europe by the waters! From a BBQ to a dishwasher, the beach tents have it all. Get your family and friends to enjoy a beautiful holiday with numerous outdoor activities to do and most importantly, explore the fascinating natural surroundings.


Since these beach tents will be located by the waters and in the middle of nature, there will be a lot to explore for you! Towards the Mediterranean area, olive trees, vines, mulberry and fig trees, as well as laurel, wild herbs, and maquis can be spotted. The vegetation of Mediterranean Spain is characterized by uncultivated land and few forests in which the dominant species is the evergreen oak, invaded by the introduction of the pine at various different stages. Also, in the plateau, it is possible to spot evergreen oak and cork oak forests and in drier areas such as the Ebro valley, Extremadura, and La Mancha, there are abundant thickets, dotting the landscape with small bushes. Corema album and Santolina chamaecyparissus are few other plants that you may find on the shores. Corema has a white but very acidic fruit that you can consume whereas Santolina has fantastic grey-green leaves and yellow flowers. Step out of your beach hut and find extraordinary plants, shrubs, and flowers that you may not have heard of before! Myrtus communis, Pistacia lentiscus, Cistus ladanifer, Erica lusitanica, and Juniperus turbinate are some of them.


Europe’s seas are full of life! If you love the waters and want to spend the entire day on the beach you got plenty of exploration opportunities. Snorkel gear is all you need to start seeing incredible creatures that you may not have ever seen before! Other bigger aquatic animals require that you sail into the big blue. All of these amazing marine animals can be part of your next adventure by the sea! If you are in Croatia, you may spot cushion stars, bottlenose dolphins, or even seahorses. Italy will offer you beautiful marine creatures like sea slugs, great cormorants, barracuda, striped dolphins, sperm-whales, or even fin whales. Imagine missing out on these, never! The most popular fish and shellfish species in Europe are Ohrid trout, sig, salmon, Karp Zatorski (carp), cod, eel, herring, hake, sharks, seabass, mussels, oysters, etc.


Bored sitting inside the tent? Time for some activities on the beach! Beach holidays can be great family getaways if you’re prepared. Fishing, sailing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, or jet skiing are all the common activities that you could do when you are on the beach. But have you heard of water bucket relay or limbo at the beach? Well, the limbo dance originated in the 1800s and you could do a beach version too! With two people holding the end of a pool noodle or a jump rope, you can have someone go under the “bar” and their backs facing the sand. Keep lowering the bar to increase the intensity of the game. If you can play music then why not or else just start singing if you love to do so! Bring your kids along and play sand hondscotch! Using a stick or a rock, draw a grid on the sand and use rocks or shells for boundaries. Apart from beach activities, you can visit nearby nature reserves and parks or go canoeing, kayaking, cycling, or visiting local villages. So what are you waiting for? Do all these fun activities right near the beach tent that you book!

Inside your beach tent

Tired of your daily routine and want a change in location but also want the same feeling as home? The beach tents that we offer are fully equipped with the necessities you need during your stay. These beach tents are in the middle of nature so there are chances that there won’t be any grocery store or restaurant right at your doorstep. If you are going with your friends and family, then make sure to carry some food with you! You can cook it in the fully equipped kitchen that the beach tents have and also wash the dishes using a dishwasher. Most of the beach tents may already provide bed and breakfast services so you may not have to worry about waking up and cooking something. Rather you could just eat and leave for your exploration. The beach tents have refrigerators but also TV if you are an indoors person. If you choose a beach tent with a garden then you will also be able to do some bbq or pick fresh organic fruits/vegetables to cook for your meal. From a swimming pool to a fireplace, some of the beach tents will give you the best holiday experience! The beach tents will be sustainable as well. There will be green electricity, waste separation systems: residual waste, glass, paper/cardboard, plastics, and use of biological cleaning products. Internet services will be available and some tents will also permit your pets inside the tent! You can find a wide range of beach tents that are also suitable for your lovely four-legged friend. For some people, the vacation is just not complete when the pet is not allowed to come along ... if that's you, worry no more! With your holiday will be complete by all of your loved ones. Still interested? Scroll up and book now!