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Basel accommodation

Our accommodation offers for Basel combine the best of Swiss nature and the proximity of large cities providing enough dynamic and attractions of their own. Whether you want to fully immerse yourself in Swiss nature, or you want a combination of nature and the historic background of the local population, our nature houses around Basel are ready to accommodate you.

Switzerland is among the top dream destinations in Europe due to its green fields, alpine landscape and traditional houses. The canton of Basel is one of the provinces in Switzerland and is traditionally considered to be comprised of two halves – the “city” and the “landschaft” or rural area.

The city of Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland in terms of population and a favorite tourist destination. Numerous parks and gardens surround Basel and all of them are available for you to enjoy. Most of the parks provide different options for activities. The area lies on the bank of river Rhine.

Swiss Nature at your disposal

Among our preferred places to visit around Basel are the Botanical gardens of the University of Basel and the Merian Gardens. Both places are a botanical oasis with blooming flowers, rare plants and collections from all around the world awaiting visitors year-round. Known as the jewel of north-west Switzerland, the nature park of Schwarzbubenland (part of the Jura Mountains) offers an unforgettable experience of castles and castle ruins, monasteries, high gorges and deep valleys all on a short hike’s distance. The whole hike is a few days long but you can choose to walk a specific stage based on your own preference.

A never-ending list of activities

Fun for the whole family you will definitely find in Steinwasen Park. The area has an operating 800 meter long toboggan run through the winter which is always an activity your children will love. There is a chairlift to the top, you ride a small boat across a canal, or cross a rope bridge to feel the adrenaline rush. Numerous animal species occupy the nearby woods and are often friendly enough to let you peacefully watch them in their natural habitat.

Basel is practically a heaven for animal lovers! There is the Basel Zoo of course, however if you prefer a more natural setting, head to the Lange Erlen Animal Park or the Monkey Mountain. Both locations offer the possibility of close interactions with animals.

If you want to explore as much as possible, while fitting light exercise into the program, the possibilities for hiking or cycling are endless. Rent a bike or ride your own to discover the region on the Jura Bike tour from basel to Lufen. In this part of the Jura Mountains, the terrain is relatively easy and you will be able to enjoy the ride and views of the nearby valley and an unforgettable panorama of the town of Lufen. Choose the Rhine Trail if you specifically enjoy a bike trail along a river – you will learn tons of new facts about the culture, history and ecology of the river and the canton as a whole.